Right now, relationships are in uncharted territory!

Countless numbers of people are having challenges in their relationships. Quarantining is highlighting the incompatibility of some couples, while social distancing is revealing in couples and singles alike their inability to deal with loneliness. 

In these unprecedented times, how can you ensure...

…your marriage escapes the statistics of divorce?

…you and your significant other build a proper foundation for a lasting relationship?

…your singleness doesn’t cause you to make a rushed and life-altering decision?

…your children are not negatively impacted by your relationship challenges?

Discover the answers in the Kingdom Keys to Breakthrough and Better Relationships Masterclass with Dr. Dana Carson. Join Dr. Carson on July 27th at 8pm as he discusses…

  • The 5 aspects of compatibility in every relationship 
  • The biblical, historic, and cultural perspectives of relationships 
  • How to enhance your existing relationship 
  • and preparing to have a healthy relationship

Masterclass Host

Dr. Dana Carson has often been called “The Relationship Expert.” Holding eight academic degrees, one of which is a Master of Counseling and Guidance, Dr. Carson has extensive training in the areas of theology, behavioral science, and psychology. This training coupled with over 35 years of pastoral leadership and counseling experience has afforded him a unique and invaluable “relationships” skill set. 

In addition to this, Dr. Carson has personally experienced many of the phases on the relationship spectrum – single, dating, marriage, divorce, remarriage, and blended family. And his relationship wisdom has been sought from celebrities, to megachurch leaders, down to those whom he oversees in his own ministry. 

Dr. Carson is a devoted husband to First Lady Rachelle Carson, who serves faithfully in ministry with him, and they have been blessed with five children.

This masterclass is for...

The single looking for love

The dater that’s in love

The couple trying to enhance, restore, and rekindle their love

Don’t let your current or potential relationship be a negative statistic!

Get the keys and tools you need to put your relationship on a path to success by joining the Kingdom Keys to Breakthrough and Better Relationships Masterclass with Dr. Dana Carson on July 27th at 8pm. 

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