Leading Forward

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If You're not satisfied with where you are in life, it's time to level up so you can live the life you deserve!

If you’re not satisfied with where you are in life, how well your career is advancing, the state of your finances, or the way your household functions, the truth is, you’ve got a leadership issue.

If you’re going to take these areas of your life to the next level, you’ve GOT to level up on your skills to lead yourself and others!

You’ve been praying about these things changing in your life, and God has sent the answer: the Kingdom Leadership Conference.

This conference is the solution to your stagnation, the key that will unlock the door to a life that is moving forward in every way rather than keeping you in the same place feeling powerless, dissatisfied and depressed.

Attention Pastors & Leaders

The Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium is the God-sent solution to your ministry leadership challenges. This conference will help to transform your leaders into the lead ministry supporters you need in order to advance the heavenly vision God gave you! The Kingdom Leadership Conference aims to bring together, a multi-disciplinary group of leaders to present proven theories of leadership – both secular and divine.

Special Sessions with Dr. Dana Carson

Apostle, Dr. Dana Carson will be hosting two very special sessions during the conference that would be of particular interest to you. Apostle Carson has over 37+ years of pastoral and executive leadership experience and scholarship, that would be invaluable to you and your ministry as he shares with you how to lead you ministry forward during this time and season when so many ministries are having challenges or closing down altogether. 

Conference Speakers

Meet your leadership experts!

Conference Host

Sunday, February 20th @ 6PM

Dr. Dana Carson is the founder and senior pastor of the Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom World Outreach International (The R.O.C.K.) in Houston, TX. – a Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, community-building, Kingdom-minded ministry founded in 2003. Dr. Carson has over 37 years of full-time and pastoral ministry experience.

He is one of the nation’s foremost Kingdom theologians and down-to-earth pastors whose radical message and raw delivery are known all over the world. Dr. Carson’s call and purpose is to educate people of every age with the message of the Kingdom of God that is both exegetically sound and spiritually nourishing. 

Dr. Carson has an exceptional concern for youth and children and personally invests his life in their training and development. Dr. Carson’s anointing represents a combination of Spirit-filled fire and formal academic training, with a touch of the lessons learned in the ghettos of Chicago. With this rare anointing, he touches the hearts of people from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds worldwide. For full bio, please visit DrDanaCarson.org

Wednesday, February 16th @ 7PM

Visionary. Civil rights activist. Community organizer. Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant combines sound Biblical teaching, business acumen and political insight to propel the Body of Christ to action and greater levels of faith.

Since his youth, Dr. Bryant has prevailed against the odds –rising from G.E.D to Ph.D. Prior to pastoring, he served as the national youth and college director of the NAACP for six years, where he helped to mobilize over 70,000 youth worldwide in non-violent campaigns. Dr. Bryant, a third-generation minister, was the founding pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland, acclaimed as the fastest-growing African Methodist Episcopal church in the denomination’s 200-year history. With an undeniable gift to bridge generations from the Civil Rights movement to the Black Lives Matter era, Dr. Bryant incites change in the faith community. His ability to reach across social, economic and political barriers has helped people to not only experience the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, but to activate success in their everyday lives. His ministry has become an incubator for entrepreneurs, homeowners, and the like. Additionally, programs under his guidance have aimed to spread the Gospel, develop strong leaders, empower the economically disadvantaged, and challenge social injustices. In December 2018, Dr. Bryant was appointed the Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. His leadership efforts have already begun to strengthen the multi-generational bond among members, expand community outreach, cultivate families and expand the church’s cultural significance.

Thursday, February 17th @ 7PM

Bishop Randy Borders, an anointed preacher of our time, communicates the gospel message with unmistakable clarity. His ministry challenges believers to flow in God's Divine Order. Bishop Borders gave his life to the Lord at the tender age of 12. By age 15, he had risen to a countywide youth chaplain with the Missionary Baptist Church, where he was later licensed and ordained into ministry.

While in college, Bishop Borders attended Evangel COGIC under the leadership of superintendent Otis Lockett. Five days after his graduation from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in1990, Bishop Borders founded Word of Life Fellowship Church. The church name was officially changed to Faith Harvest Church in March of 1999. Bishop Borders currently serves as senior pastor of Faith Harvest Church, in Shelby, NC. and submits to Bishop Kenneth Yelverton as his covering pastor. Faith Harvest Church has evolved intoa multiracial, multifaceted ministry, which includes many ministries of edification and outreach. Bishop Borders is also Founder and Presiding Prelate of Harvest Ministries International, Inc., a network of local churches with primary apostolic vision of church planting and strengthening. In April of 1996, Bishop Harold Ivory Williams, and an official college of duly consecrated Bishops, consecrated Bishop Borders to the bishopric. Since his consecration, Bishop Borders has become part of the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops Congress, where he serves as a member of the advisory board. In June of 2002, Bishop Borders founded Christ Harvest Church in Charlotte, NC. He also founded Covenant Harvest Church in Greer, SC in November of 2009. Bishop Borders met the former Norma Lee while attending UNCG. The two were married in June 1994, and have two lovely children, Efrim and Hope. A published author of the critically acclaimed books STAY FOCUSED and THE ADJUTANT’S GUIDE TO ETIQUETTE and the so on to be released book, MORE THAN A MENTOR. Bishop Borders travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a lecturer, conference speaker, revivalist, and seminar speaker. The ministry of Bishop Borders is bold, energetic, and dynamic-equipping the saints to lock into their pastor’s vision and fulfill their destiny. Many who have experienced his ministry have this testimony Bishop Borders is definitely a pastor’s friend.

Friday, February 18th @ 7PM

Kimberly serves as Senior Pastor, and currently produces the internationally televised program “A Time of Intercession” viewed on The Word Network in over 200 countries and local stations. She has been called by her peers a standard- bearer and a feminine Warrior in the gospel.

One of Four Evangelist daughters of the late Dr. Angie Ray incomparable founder of Angie Ray Ministries in Matteson, IL. Pastor Kimberly Ray is a woman after God’s own heart. Seeking to lead the people of God by providing effective strategies and tools to empower the church to be efficient in the ministry of intercession and deliverance.

Throughout her 31 years of ministry Kimberly’s passion for God and surrendered lifestyle has graced her with an anointing to preach and teach the word of God with authority, revelation and deliverance.

Kimberly serves as Senior Pastor, and currently   produces the internationally televised program “A Time of Intercession” viewed on The Word Network in over 200 countries and local stations. She has been called by her peers a standard- bearer, a feminine Warrior in the gospel, and a young woman with an old mantle. Pastor Kimberly’s fiery style and charisma are inscribed in all of her endeavors above all her Love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for humanity is constant and exceedingly great.

Sunday, February 20th @ 10AM

Mrs. Rachelle Dianne Carson is the First Lady of The R.O.C.K. World Outreach Intl. A native Detroiter, Lady Carson possesses a B.A. in Government from Oberlin College and a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas-Austin.

With that training, she served almost 10 years with the Texas State Legislature in Austin, TX and served as the director of the abstinence program (Department of Health) for the state of Texas. Despite her stellar education in public policy and government service, God set Lady Carson aside to be an invaluable ministry partner to Dr. Dana Carson, her husband and apostle of The R.O.C.K. W.O.I, a world-renowned leader in the Kingdom Reformation movement. Lady Carson helped establish the international ministries and spearheaded the first Holy Convocation in South Africa. Lady Carson is the executive pastor of The R.O.C.K. Houston who oversees the staff pastors, and on staff, she works as the director of church growth. She is also the senior editor of Dana Carson Kingdom Ministries, Intl. (DCKM) and The R.O.C.K., ensuring the written excellence of Dr. Carson’s entire and extensive library of books, booklets, devotional guides, curricula, and textbooks. Lady Carson’s love for her Father, her deep faith in His Word, and her dedication to the expansion of His Kingdom fuel her drive for service to His people glocally. She is the proud mother of five children – Dana II, John, Angel, Marielle, and Devon.

Symposium Team

How do world-renowned church leaders, businessmen and women, athletes, celebrities, etc., become the extraordinary leaders they’ve become? They have a vision for their lives and are willing to be coached by others to achieve that vision. We invite you to learn how to craft a vision for your ministry, your business, or even your personal life at the Kingdom Leadership Symposium, Saturday, February 19th from 10am-4pm.

You will get an opportunity to learn from and interact and network with seven extraordinary leaders who hold doctoral degrees in their areas of expertise including theology, leadership, entrepreneurship, psychology, and more. This symposium will help you break out of your comfort zone so that you can LEAD your life and/or your ministry FORWARD!

Dr. Carson, though a high school dropout from Chicago, has earned three doctorates and four master degrees, making him one of the top 1% of the African American scholars in the United States.

Dr. Carson earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Boston University and also studied The Church and Economic and Community Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Divinity. He also earned a Doctorate of Christian Psychology from Logos Graduate School. In 2004, Dr. Carson completed a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. He also holds four master’s degrees: a Master in Counseling and Guidance (Texas A&M), a Master of Divinity (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary/Oral Roberts University), Master of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (University of Houston) and he was the first full-time clergy to earn a Global Executive MBA from the world-class Fuqua School of Business (Duke University). Dr. Carson received his B.S. in Business Administration from HBCU Wiley United Methodist College where he became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 

Dr. Carson conducts professional leadership seminars to community, church, and business leaders worldwide. He is the chief leadership strategist at the DCKM Leadership Development & Training Corporation, a training company that equips and empowers leaders through state-of-the-art leadership coaching seminars and the Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment, which assists churches across denominational lines, cultural lines, and generational lines, but is especially dedicated to a very unique market of churches and church leaders.

Dr. Antipas Harris

Dr. Antipas L. Harris is the president-dean of Jakes Divinity School and associate pastor at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, where the senior pastor is Bishop T.D. Jakes. Harris has served in pastoral ministry for nearly 30 years.

He was the founding dean of The Urban Renewal Center in Norfolk, Virginia where he also served on the pastoral staff at the First Presbyterian Church.

Over the past 15 years, Harris has served on the faculties at several universities, namely Sacred Heart University, New York Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Portland Theological Seminary, Vanguard University, and Regent University, where he was a tenured associate professor and held administrative roles.

From humble beginnings in a small Holiness-Pentecostal church, founded and pastored by his parents, Harris approaches every project and assignment with a sincere desire to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. Antipas believes that the Holy Spirit empowers believers for ministry in the church and society 1) to help people pursue God’s call for their lives, 2) to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, 3) to advocate for social justice, and 4) to uplift this generation through quality education.

Harris has led numerous creative outreach ministries including the Circle of Grace – where he discipled and baptized several homeless men and others who came to faith in the outreach, led international missions in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, launched two churches in Portsmouth, VA and the DRC, partnered with the Norfolk Police Department and led the Clergy Patrol Squad, co-founded Hands United Building Bridges (HUBB) – a council of interfaith clergy, and more.

Harris earned his Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Creative Music Technology from LaGrange College, Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Master of Sacred Theology from Yale Divinity School, Doctor of Ministry from Boston University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University. Harris is a leader in religious education, a prolific writer, theologian, community leader, social activist, and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He currently lives in Irving, Texas.

Geoffrey V. Dudley, Sr., Ph.D., D.Min. has been leading and preparing to lead all his life. From leading his high school basketball team as co-captain, being voted Outstanding Senior of his graduating class at the University of NC at Greensboro, called to the ministry at age 13 to his 21½ years as an Air Force Officer retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

 He was consecrated a Bishop and planted churches. He is a John Maxwell Associate trainer. In addition to his three graduate degrees, he has two earned doctorate degrees. He has started several successful businesses and written four books. He is an adjunct professor of Strategic Leadership at North Central University, Minneapolis, MN. He is an ambidextrous and multi-gifted leader in that he is a community leader who has served on several boards including:
• Focus St Louis
• Greater St. Louis United Way
• Greater St. Louis Urban League
• Black Leadership Roundtable
• District 90 School Board
• Founding President of O’Fallon Metro East Branch NAACP
• National CARES Mentoring Movement
• New Life Enterprises
• Founding Senior Pastor of New Life (2000 plus members)
Education includes:
• MHR The University of Oklahoma
• MDiv School of Theology VA Union
• EdS The University of Memphis
• DMin Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology (Entrepreneurship/Church Planting)
• PhD Regent University (Organizational Leadership)
Dr. Dudley is married over 35 years to the former Glenda D. Jones of Springhope, NC & together they raised two adult children who are both leaders in ministry—Children’s Pastor Mahogany Kneecoal Dudley-Finley & Young Adult Pastor Geoffrey V. Dudley, II.

Dr. Charles A. Moody, Jr.

As one of the most unique, out of the box and distinguished Leadership strategist, Dr. Charles A. Moody, Jr. is sought-after by both the business and non-profit arenas.

He possesses an exceptional ability to introduce complex topics and expound upon them with a simplicity that crosses not only local, but global boundaries. Currently, his efforts are strategically focused on his Community Coalition for Health (C2H) entity and bringing attention to the disparities within the health arenas. As the CEO and founder of this entity, he has identified trends that are impacting African American health and he has formed collaborations with businesses and organizations in the city of Austin, TX. Dr. Moody holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership from Regent University, a Master of Arts in Developmental Education from Texas State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Moody is presently pursuing a second Master’s Degree from Penn State University in Community and Economic Development to aid in his participation within the community in which he resides.

Dr. Angelic Chaison graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with her BA in Psychology, an MA in Program Evaluation in 2003, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Chaison completed both her pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral residency programs at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC) in Houston, TX. Upon completing her postdoctoral training, Dr. Chaison was immediately hired as a staff psychologist at the MEDVAMC where she currently works in the Primary Care – Mental Health Integration program. Dr. Chaison’s clinical area of interest is the treatment of anxiety disorders, and she has authored and co-authored multiple publications on this topic in several peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Chaison is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand. As one of her next ventures, Dr. Chaison hopes to extend her passion for training to the business sector with an emphasis on helping businesses create diversity-friendly and empowering workplace environments for their employees. 

Dr. Shannon Parish is the Principal Consultant at Choice Consulting International, Incorporated (CCI).

CCI is a consulting firm with over 18 years of experience, which includes educational administration and corporate leader development. CCI is committed to transforming good organizations to great ones, by training and developing global leaders to perform with agility and proficiency. Academically, Dr. Parish holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice from Prairie View A&M University, a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Prairie View A&M University, and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership with a focus in Foresight and Global Consulting from Regent University.

Dr. Shannon Williams, a native Houstonian and entrepreneurship specialist, earned her Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis in Organizations and Occupations from the University of Texas at Austin.

Her research expertise focuses upon the incubation of micro-enterprises in underserved communities and transforming these emerging markets through the wealth-creating activity of business enterprise. Dr. Williams is the founder and Chief Executive Nerd of Geniuscribes.com, and its affiliates Gradscribes.com and Gospelscribes.com, a professional writing and publishing agency serving intellectual authors and advanced academics.  In 2015, Dr. Williams became an Adjunct Professor at Clark Atlanta University in the historic Atlanta University Center. There, she instructed students in Entrepreneurship and Criminal Justice, coaching them on how to create sustainable start-up enterprises driven by a social mission. Additionally, Dr. Williams conducts seminars and workshops on various topics related to business, professionalism, and entrepreneurship to adult and youth audiences throughout the community.

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Leadership Workshops Just For You!

Through this conference, you are GUARANTEED to…

– Become more effective in ministry and leadership 

– Identify leading and cutting-edge attributes of a highly effective leader

– Learn how to pull out the leadership potential inside of you





Elder James Ihedigbo
Dr. Percy Bady
Robyn Humphrey
Deaconess Shannon George
Deacon Emmanuel Gatling
Elder Keron Williams
Dr. Charles Moody
Apostle Dr. Dana Carson
Pastor Marquet Curl
Pastor Diedre Williams
Apostle Dr. Dana Carson
Samuel Johnson
Lady Tia Bearden

Position yourself to be the leader you want to be and that God desires you to be by attending the Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium! Register TODAY!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a five fold ministry leader or church leader searching for a Kingdom understanding to teach those that follow you, then the Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium is for you. You will learn about the Kingdom of God in a practical way and how to lead forward through transforming congregations with the Kingdom message! 

The Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium is also for other leaders who desire to learn everything about their Kingdom purpose, how to lead in that purpose, and how to apply the will of God for their lives.

When you attend the Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium, you can expect to gain skills and knowledge that will help you stay relevant in the 21st century context, whether you are preaching to others or witnessing to your family and friends. You will learn about the power of the Kingdom and how it disrupts your life for God’s glory! You will also get connected to God’s end time movement of Kingdom reformation and how you can play your part in God’s providential plan. 

Experience God and spiritual development in your life as you learn from the leadership scholars, network with other kingdom minded leaders, and gain access to leadership resources for personal growth!

God wants to meet YOU during this anointed time as we gather to learn about “Leading forward: Rekindling the flames of Revival!” You will experience life-transforming workshops by day; electrifying and powerful worship services by night with special guest speakers, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Bishop Randy Borders, Pastor Kimberly Ray, Pastor Rachelle Carson, and Apostle Dr. Dana Carson! You will also get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to glean from the powerful leaders and the leadership Symposium. Don’t miss YOUR chance to experience the power of God; learn from these scholars; and personally connect with God’s end time movement of reformation and revival!

The Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium is a hybrid conference – it will be hosted both online and on campus. If you would like to physically attend, the conference will be held at 4101 Broadway Street, Houston, TX 77087. Online nightly worship services will be hosted on YouTube @DrDanaCarson and on Facebook @TheReflectionsofChristsKingdom