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Disruption is a radical change or an interruption to an event or process.

2020 has definitely brought a change in our behavior, activities, and mindset. The disruption of a global pandemic has forever changed our lives. 

However, despite the uneasiness of our new way of life, God has brought us into a new season that is full of potential and opportunity! God wants to do a new thing in YOU – He wants to give you a road in the wilderness and a river in the desert (Isaiah 43:19).

Conference & Symposium Host

Conference & Symposium Host

Apostle Dr. Dana Carson | 11/7 @ 10AM & 11/8 @ 6PM

Apostle Dr. Dana Carson

11/7 @ 10am & 11/8 @ 7pm

Dr. Dana Carson, affectionately known as The Kingdom Voice, is the founder and senior pastor of the Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom World Outreach International (The R.O.C.K.) in Houston, TX. Dr. Carson has over 35 years of full-time, executive ministry experience, and is one of the world’s foremost Kingdom theologians and scholars. Dr. Carson’s call and purpose is to educate people of every age with the message of the Kingdom of God that is both exegetically sound and spiritually nourishing. Through his years of ministry, Dr. Carson has made spiritual connections with profound teachers of the Kingdom, and he brings these teachers into one place to impart into your life through the Kingdom Summit and Symposium Conference!

Conference & Symposium Speakers

Conference & Symposium Speakers

Workshop & Symposium Schedule

Workshop & Symposium Schedule

Wednesday, 11/4

  • How to Start a Social Media Ministry
  • How to Start a Video Stream Ministry 


  • How to Understand Social Media Analytics 
  • How to Produce a Powerful Worship Production 


  • Making the Most Out of Data and Analytics
  • How to Manage a Media and Production Team 


  • Incorporating Technology Into Worship
  • Kingdom Relationships

Thursday, 11/5

10am-12pm | Kingdom Lecture 

  • The Hybrid Church: How to Develop a Hybrid Model of Kingdom Ministry Online and On-Campus – Apostle Dr. Dana Carson 
  • How to Design a Model of Kingdom Ministry 
  • What Makes Worship Kingdom? 



  • Understanding the Kingdom Message  


Friday, 11/6

9:30am-1:30pm | Kingdom Lecture 

  • Kingdom Disruption in the Life and Ministry of Jesus in the Newer Testament Dr. Trevor Grizzle

Saturday, 11/7

  • The Kingdom and Revisitation of Theology: The Kingdom and Disruptive Kingdom Theological Education – Dr. Dana Carson
  • The Older Testament as a Disruptive Kingdom Theology in the 21st Century Church – Dr. Brad Young
  • The Newer Testament as a Disruptive Kingdom Theology in the 21st Century Church – Dr. Trevor Grizzle
  • The Kingdom Disruption and Multiculturalism – How the Kingdom in the 21st Century is Impacting Diversity or Multiculturalism – Dr. Clifton Clarke
  • The Kingdom Disruption and the Role of Women in 21st Century ministry today – Dr. Marcia Clarke

Conference Registration

Conference Registration

Save Your Spot! Don't Miss Out! Seating is Limited!

Kingdom Summit

$ 149
  • FREE access to all of the powerful daytime workshops and the Kingdom Lectures with Dr. Dana Carson and Dr. Trevor Grizzle, digital conference materials, and more!

Kingdom Symposium

$ 89
  • Join Dr. Dana Carson, Dr. Trevor Grizzle, Dr. Brad Young, Dr. Clifton Clarke, and Dr. Marcia Clarke Saturday, November 7th as they facilitate scholarly discussions on the Kingdom of God!

When you attend the Kingdom Summit and Symposium, you can expect to gain skills and knowledge that will help you stay relevant in the 21st century context, whether you are preaching to others or witnessing to your family and friends. You will learn about the power of the Kingdom and how it disrupts your life for God’s glory. You will also get connected to God’s end time movement of the Kingdom Reformation, and learn how you can play your part in God’s providential plan. 

God wants to meet YOU during this anointed time as we gather to learn about “Kingdom Disruption in the 21st Century!” You will experience life-transforming workshops by day, including an enlightening “Day at the Seminary” with Dr. Trevor Grizzle; electrifying and powerful worship services by night with special guest speakers, Dr. Clifton Clarke, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Dr. Brad Young, Bishop Sherman Allen, and Apostle Dr. Dana Carson; and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to glean from the Greek, Hebrew, and Kingdom scholars at the Kingdom Symposium. Don’t miss YOUR chance to experience the power of God, learn from these scholars, and personally connect with God’s end time Kingdom movement! 

The Kingdom Summit & Symposium Conference is for EVERYONE!

If you are a fivefold ministry or church leader searching for a Kingdom understanding to teach those that follow you, then the Kingdom Summit & Symposium is for you. As a fivefold ministry or church leader, you will learn about the Kingdom of God in a practical way that will assist you in transforming congregations with the Kingdom message! 

If you are a believer who desires to learn everything about your Kingdom purpose and the will of God for your life, then the Kingdom Summit & Symposium is for you. This conference will assist you in learning various aspects of the Kingdom and how to practically apply it to your life! 

Experience God and spiritual development in your life as you learn from the Kingdom scholars, network with other Kingdom-minded leaders, and gain access to Kingdom resources for personal growth!