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Welcome to The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment

Dr. Dana Carson

Thank you for visiting The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment site. I hope that you find a seminar that will solve your ministry need. I am committed to assisting churches in developing their turnaround  and next level strategies through the utilization of my unique academic training and over 30 years of church growth and planting experience! 


While in seminary, which I attended while I was pastoring my first church, I vowed to God that if He would help me get through my Master of Divinity, I would assist pastors and church leaders who needed help. Since that time, the Lord further equipped me for the task with multiple doctorates that focus on church growth and leadership development, in addition to a Duke Global Executive MBA.

This year, I will be offering church growth seminars ABSOLUTELY FREE every month for one year. Seating is limited so that attendees can receive individualized attention. With over 30 years in ministry, God has prepared me to assist every kind of church in almost every ministry area (church planting, international ministry, relocation, small church, large church, etc.), no matter the denomination, but especially minority churches. I studied church growth at Boston University and wrote a dissertation that focused upon bringing black men back to church. Then, God graced me to complete a research project focused on church growth and multiculturalism for my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. In these church growth seminars, I will share what I’ve learned both academically and experientially.

Why am I offering these high value seminars for FREE?