Breathe Life

Breathing life into people, the community, and the world. 

What is Breathe Life?

Breathe Life is a gentle yet powerful wind being released from the almighty God and traveling through a people, a community, and the world. Together we can “Breathe Life” through the spreading the Word of God and through our commitment to build bigger and brighter futures for generations to come. We can make a difference!

Empowering People

We’re reaching and empowering people who are underserved, struggling, and hungry for God. We give courage and expertise to men & women to grow their ministries, their businesses, and their careers. 

Transforming the Community

We’re transforming a community through individual empowerment with sound theological training and enhanced skillsets. We prepare church leaders, church and ministry workers and we equip individuals for the business world/ their careers.

Impacting the World

We’re impacting the world through the spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom! Each theologically prepared individual and individual with enhanced employable skills is equipped to go out and be a world changer.

Your Giving Makes A Difference!

Generously give today and help us to Breathe Life into people, the community, and the world!

Goal: $450,000

Tailen Lloyd

Many of us can relate to being insecure at one time or another in our lives. Take a look as Tailen Lloyd shares how he too faced insecurities and was able to overcome them. 

Matthew Mendoza

There are many people in the body of Christ that come into a relationship with God, rolex day date replica but they miss out on a key factor: discipleship. See Matthew Mendoza share how God led him to being discipled.

Minister Cindy Perry

Women around the world are desiring to be used by God without being limited by society’s restrictions. Watch as Minister Cindy Perry shares her experience.

Be A Part of This World Changing Move of God

When you give today, you help more people become equipped for ministry, to come to know God and be transformed by His power and His love.